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Портал сварки балок под флюсов MZG-2X1000

The control part is composed of MZK-3 welder control box and external control box.
MZK-3 control box uses the advanced electric circuit, having the advantage of large adjustment range of welding voltage current. It can adjust from 20V~50V,200A~1000A. Using closed loop control can auto shifting feeding the wire. At the same time it has the function of auto guiding ARC and drawing back ARC.

1.H-beam dimensions:
1. welder:MZ-1000B(submerged-arc welding)
2. welding control and motor:Z2-2.2
3. position of welding :fillt welding
4. power supply:380V/3PH/50Hz
5. gantry speed:3000mm/min
6. welding speed:250~1000mm/min
7. extension pillar left/right adjust:manual
8. speed adjustment:frequency variation
10.control box:welder/gantry moving/gas device
11.solder recycle equipment:capability:100kg×2
12.power source:at one side of trolley
13.track width:4000mm
14.all width of gantry:4800mm
15.welding height:1200mm
16.guiding arc device:mechanism
17.cable feeding:pulley
18.applicable welding wire:φ3~φ5mm
19.weight of wire coil:150~250 kg×2

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