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Sin-beam line

JBH Corrugated Web H-beam Automatic Welding Line

I. Machine introduction

The JBH corrugated web automatic H-beam welding line developed by our company consists of slitting and cut to length machine, web forming machine, flange, web feeding machine, corrugated web H-beam robot automatic welding machine, cross-section cutting, stacking system and so on. The corrugated web H-beam automatic welding machine adopts the welding robot originally from Italy which automatic controls the works such as whole line laser scanning, two positions welding, welding gun changing, cross-section cutting and so on. This machine has high quality, high efficiency, full-automation and so on.

II. Product feature and usage

Corrugated webs H-beam is a new type of construction material, which is widely used in bridge, column, single-span or multi-span frame construction. Its surface is corrugated, it can save steel 20%-60% under the same yield strength compared with flat web H-beam, especially it has high cost performance in large-span, crane beam and so on. (The span of 1.5m corrugated webs H-beam can reach 40m). Corrugated webs H-beam meets the requirement of energy saving, and it shall be the development trend in future.

I. Workflow

Web decoiling→Guiding→Sheet leveling

→Slitting→Cut to length→Forming Laser scanning

→Feeding & Assembling→Automatic welding→

Flange cutting→Sheet leveling→Sorting& Conveying Graph cutting


II. Technical parameter



Corrugated web forming machine

Suitable raw material

Yield strength


Steel thickness

2-5mm(≤235 MPa);2-4mm(≤345 MPa)

Steel width


Profile dimension

Wave height


Distance of waves

About 155mm

Steel feeding mode


Corrugate web output mode

Transmission chain

Feeding power

25 kW

Total weight

(About) 10T


6235*1640*2500 mm

Corrugated web H-beam automatic robot welding machine

Work-piece dimension

Work-piece length

4~20 m

Web thickness

2~5 mm

Web height

500~1500 mm

Flange thickness

10~30 mm

Flange width

150~500 mm

Welding mode

Imported robot two position welding at the same time

Welding type

CO2 welding

Corrugate scanning

whole line laser scanning

Cutting type

Plasma cutting similar to laser

Control mode

Industrial computer fully-automatic control

Scanning speed

≥900 mm/s

Welding speed

≥700 mm/min

Total power



22000*6500*3500 mm

Total weight

(About) 46 T

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